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Our work

The Brief

Design a portal that delivers transparency and control of information to property investor about their investments.

The Idea

Allows those Investors who have their properties, managed by agencies with this service, the opportunity to access all financial information relating to their property at their convenience.

The Brief

Design a web platform to improve time management and efficiency of performing daily tasks so that agencies can focus on building quality relationships and growing their rent roll.

The Idea

To have a platform that captures integrity of financial data automatically, produces reports and, most importantly, supports agency members to easily find, organise and complete their work.

The Brief

Facilitate the translation of business models and requirements into a tangible web and mobile product design through workshops. Also perform market research to qualify assumptions, identify the market segments and understand the mental models of the users.

The Idea

Increasing the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Australia to connect retail customers to free Wi-Fi. At the same time, help retailers to learn more about their customers behaviours and habits to deliver a better, more relevant service including location based advertising.

Our clients

What we do

Ever wonder how visitors actually use your website? Or which product features your customers use the most and least?
We have a suite of services that can do more than get your business the answers its looking for. We can help you execute accordingly to remove the pain points.
  • UI/UX Design

    Create an attractive web/mobile product that caters for your customers' context of use.
  • Prototyping

    Exploring and testing ideas early and quickly to reduce risk before investing big.
  • Usability

    Delivering products that are easy to use, meet your customers' expectations and add value.
  • Data Analysis

    Gaining valuable insights about your customers and business to enrich the services your business offers.
  • Brand Strategy

    Communicating your business' unique identity, strong reputation and quality service.
  • Workshops

    Collaborating with stakeholders and decision makers to create a shared product vision.

Our process

Throughout each product, we maintain a high level of transparency and communication with our clients. Having a shared understanding is important for a successful project.

& Strategy

We work closely with our clients to understand the problem they'd like to solve. Understanding the business and project goals at the start allows decisions to be made that align with these goals. Here we also get to know your brand, vision and aspirations so that they are reflected in the project. A strong foundation is an important with every project.

& Analysis

With every project comes many exciting ideas and concepts which sound great in conversation. However, meeting customer needs and working out what your product needs are versus "nice to have" helps to focus on what will be delivered first. From card sorting to mind maps and brainstorming sessions, we tailor our services to figure out the most appropriate approach and solution for the issues being addressed.


Here we workshop the business requirements and concepts into a tangible form. From visualisations to "working" prototypes, these activities and design artefacts help to identify and highlight issues early on. There are things that cannot been foreseen documenting requirements on its own. In this phase, its important to both discover issues early on and to design with the user and business in mind. Creating something that your customers want to use is a key factor.


Development is where conceptual becomes reality. Talented minds build out the designs with attention to detail visible and not visible to the eyes of the customer. Implementation best practices, performance and code quality here is crucial for a maintainable product.


Collaborating and communicating with our clients at every phase of the product lifecycle upto release leaves no room for surprises or misunderstandings for when their product goes live. We carefully plan each step taken to reduce risks and remove as many unknowns as possible to ensure a smooth release of the product.


Our care and expertise for each client does not end once we release their product to production. We believe in ongoing relationships with our clients and the work we do for them. Hence, we work with our clients to offer the appropriate recommendations and enhancements that keep their products aligned with their business growth. Innovation is an ongoing process.
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